Loveday's Day

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ashton's Roar (Surprise)

In several post I mentioned Aunt Joyce. A very talented lady Now you finally get to see her. She brought us a very
special surprise.

Boy! Did Aunt Joyce have a surprise for Lil Loveday. The picture above is Aunt Joyce with her surprise. To quote my dad "you nailed her". Joyce got Lil Loveday's personality all wrapped up in one beautifully hand made lion quilt.

This is the front of the quilt. I hope you double click to look at the detail.

This is the backside of the quilt. Again, please double click.

Okay, look at this tag. Did you know you are suppose to name your quilts? I did not until my last visit with Aunt Joyce. Anyway, anyone that has been around Lil Loveday at all -- has heard her roar. It truly does sound like a real lion. Well, when Joyce heard it and found out that Lil Lovedays room had a dinosaur comforter -- she went right to work. I did not know any of this, so even though Lil Loveday got to open the box. Mom loved the surprise also.
Wasn't this a great surprise?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Charlotte Visit

Went to stay with my grandmother last week. Left last Friday and stayed through yesterday (Saturday 6/13). We had a nice time. Her mind is very sharp, although her body is 95 (96 on July 3rd). She listens to books on tape, since her eyesight is no longer good enough to read the books. I think for 95 -- she looks pretty good.

Check back this week I have a wonderful surprise to post about, if you haven't already seen. Got to get caught up on laundry.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

K's Graduation

Sorry about how small these picture are but I had to share them! Go K! We are so proud of you.

Look at K's face. Doesn't she look very serious. This picture was as her isle was walking up to get their diplomas. "You're almost there!"

Go K! We are so proud of you. She has her National Honor Society Cord (yellow one) and French Honor Society (Red, White and Blue one).

Look at K's face now. It's over -- Hey Mom! Look what I got! Whew. Doesn't she look happy?
Graduation is over. Now on to UAB!
K left the very next morning for freshman orientation. She was there from Wednesday until Friday. She wanted to do this by herself. We let her (it was very hard). She has already signed up for all of her classes. Now we just enjoy the summer.