Loveday's Day

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lil Loveday - Middle Sweeper

I must admit Jr and I were heart broken when Lil Loveday announced she "did not like softball". Jr had played baseball growing up and I had enjoyed softball even after we married.

Lil Loveday found the sport she loves. She played middle sweeper for her soccer team this year. She did really well for it being only her second year playing soccer.

Lil Loveday is a very aggressive defender!

Although you see her in front of the goal. Middle sweeper is a defensive position to help keep the opponents ball away from the goal. She really has found her sport!

Although she mainly plays defense. Almost every time she played on the offense. She scored a goal. Way to go Lil Loveday!

As we all know.......all sports must start with the attitude. This is great picture of hers. "Come on show me what you got".