Loveday's Day

Sunday, August 30, 2009

First goal of the season

Lil Loveday had her second soccer game Saturday. Guess what? She scored her first goal! We were so excited for her! I wish I had my camera and could have captured her face. She was so excited and proud with her goal. Here's hoping we score many more.

Friday, August 21, 2009

K's Home

Bet you can't tell everyone is happy that K came home for a couple of days. Double click the picture and you will see two dogs between her legs and Lil Loveday on her arm. I was cooking supper, they were sitting in the kitchen floor watching me.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update on the Boy!

The boy! The vet has his name as Bolt. We still call him Little Bit. In this picture
it is Lil Loveday and Little Bit. Do you think he is loved?

One of his favorite spots to sleep is in the curl of Roscoe's tummy. Roscoe has done great! He let's him climb on him, they wrestle. They even eat out of the same food bowl. Now! that is amazing. The food is where I thought Roscoe would draw the line. He is very gentle with Little Bit when they wrestle.

He is growing, but it appears it is mainly all in the ears. What do you think? I need to weigh him to get an update.

Precious Picture - Lil Loveday and Little Bit sleeping together! Whew, we don't see that too much. They pretty much are just alike "WIDE OPEN"!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

K is at UAB

Well we moved her in on Saturday. The pictures you see K took after we left and she got her room set up. I will post more from my camera later. She seems happy. I hope we have a very

productive and educational year! Isn't that what college is all about?

Notice the pictures on her board. One of Lil Loveday in the pool. One of her Daddy. One of me and her daddy and one of the two dogs together. She does love her family. Say it with me five times. She does love her family, She does love her family, She does love her family, She does love her family, She does love her family! Thank you.

They can't put anything on the walls....but we found these chalk dots and wipe off marker dots that do not stick to the wall. They remove with ease and leave no traces behind. We tested them on her bedroom walls before we moved her in. Her paint canvas is up with one of their putty hooks that we are allowed to use.

K's home away from home. Good luck my baby - Your growing up!