Loveday's Day

Friday, January 30, 2009

K's car

This is a layout for K's first car, of course this layout will go in her book. I just could not resist doing this layout. When were able to get K a used car. I thought it was humorous because she stated "I'm just glad it is all one color". Well.....if you look closely the clear coat is peeling off of the car (one color is debatable), but she is just grateful that it is hers. I'm just glad we were able to swing this for her.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Christmas Challenge

I don't know why but Christmas layouts are the hardest for me. December's challenge of course was Christmas. This was K's first Christmas which was 18 years ago WHEW! Time really does fly. If you blow the picture up and look at the bottom picture that is me, J's mom and K but notice that beautiful smile around that paci - that's still my K.

UAB - Visit

We had a nice trip to UAB reception. It was held at "The Club" in Homewood, Alabama right outside of Birmingham. It was very nice. Unfortunately, we had a glitch with the camera. We had taken some really good pictures. The camera let me see it after the picture was made and one of the was GREAT. Well....when I got back in the car to go through them to see which ones to delete I received this message on my camera "DATA CORRUPT". I could have cried!!!!!!
K does not let me take pictures of her, and I really did have some good ones. This one picture is the only one that came out and it of course was the one I like the least. There was a better one of K and her dad and I. Hope you understand.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

UAB - University of Alabama in Birmingham

A few post back I said I would say more about K and how proud her dad and I are of her. Tomorrow we will be at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. We have been invited to a reception honoring the UAB SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS.
K has accepted a scholarship at UAB. We are so proud of her. We will go tomorrow and proudly sit with her. I'm not so sure mom and dad are going to get through this one. Each meeting we go to, no matter how proud we are, means we are a step closer to her moving off to Birmingham.
Anyway, tomorrow is her day and we will be proud. NO TEARS!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Scrapbook Challenge

Again, we were issued our challenge packages from the "Queen of Scrapbooking". You can see her blog at I decided to do this one on the King of our house (or so he thinks). This little dog has been a pain, but he is so lovable, that we just can't get enough of him. I will say I think I would have really gone crazy when Blackjack died if I had not had this little fella. For those of you who don't know our little man, he goes by several names: Roscoe (his official name), Waddle Waddle Roscoe (he has gained some weight since we got him), C.C. Dumplin (Chocolate, Carmel Dumplin - again the weight gain) and since he actually killed a mouse I sometimes call him "kitty Kitty" and he comes running. He is really a very sweet dog. I think J even likes him.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tub Time

Tub Time for J! On this particular Saturday J had worked in our yard all day. We had just put an above ground pool up and he had to tear down and re-build some of our patio fence that keeps the dogs off the patio and now away from the kids getting in the pool.
I sincerely hope we all recognize how much this man does for his family. I ran the bath and put bubbles in it as a joke. When I turned the jets on for him, the bubble just kept growing to where all I could see was his head. Since he had been in outside from sun up to sun down that day. His head looked really red and dark compared to the bubbles. The picture was just too good not to scrap. Also, it should keep us remembering what J does for us. Thanks J. We love you.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Diamond Bratz

First let me say, blogger will not let me turn this picture around for some reason.....but I was pleased with my layout and wanted to share it.

One of my goals for 2009 is to scrapbook more. I am very far behind. This is Lil Loveday in 2006 her first year of softball. I love the looks on her face in every shot. She gives everything she does 100% and that is one of the many things I love about her.

I hope you can blow the pictures up and somehow get a feel for what I am talking about. Maybe I can figure this thing out. Who Knows.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stuart Little

As promised this blog is to introduce Stuart Little. Stuart Little is Lil Loveday's pet that stays in her room. Lil Loveday kept saying she wanted a pet. Her dad and I kept putting her off. Well, K being the GREAT big sister she is decided to take it upon herself to fulfill this wish. K actually brought this home for Lil Loveday one weekend after going out shopping.

Here he is - The one and only - Stuart Little

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Introducing Charlotte

If you look really close or blow this picture up, you will see K's new pet Charlotte. She absolutely loves her fake rock under her fake sun with her heating lamp. Poor critter her whole world is fake and she doesn't even know it. She is a red slider turtle who has a vitamin a defficiency. Yes, you guessed it. Leave it to the Loveday's to even get a bum turtle. To quote my younger sister - "you never get a normal pet, something always has to be wrong with them". She is doing much better thanks to the eye drops from the pet store. Anyway, I will blog about Lil Loveday's pet Stuart Little next. Bet y0u can't guess what he is!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

More December - Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always spent with my Dad's side of the family. This is the second Christmas without my Nanny (Dad's mom). Thank you Aunt V for stepping in for us and taking on Christmas for this motley crew. This year my Aunt V and my brother J said "show up we will do all of the cooking just show up and enjoy your family". Oh my!!!! You talk about a wonderful time. They had a wonderful meal prepared for us and we just ate and had a grand time.

Here is a picture of my mom far right, cousin D, A, and D's daughter J (look for her in the movies, she has already had a part in one television show). Now what are these ladies going to do...being banned from the kitchen??

I decided since Aunt V and J took all the cooking off of us. I would provide some crafts for the kiddos to do. They really seemed to have a good time. The cousins all working together. It was nice I was surprised some of the older ones wanted to do it to. In this picture B second from the right is my cousins M wife. "M you did real good buddy". That is their little boy she is helping do crafts. Needless to say we had a grand time. This was our first Christmas stop.

Friday, January 2, 2009

More December B'days

Well, K turned 18 on the 29th of December. Here she is with her Pa (my dad) at Outback. She just wanted to go to dinner. There were 10 of us there. We had a good time just enjoying dinner together. I think I had the best time knowing it was the last thing on my list of places I had to be, the last two weeks we had somewhere to be almost every day.
On the other side of this coin. I cannot believe I have an 18 year old daughter. J and I were married 10 years before we had this little girl (she is truly and answer to much prayer) and boy have we loved every minute of having her here. Yes, the teenage years have been a little trying....but I am so proud of her (more of this later).

December - Busy Month

December is a very busy month for the Loveday's. Christmas celebrations and both girls were born in December. Lil Loveday was born the week before Christmas on the 18th. Above is the celebration we had. This year she picked Chuck E Cheese. Kind of pricey, but okay it is probably the last time she will want to have a party there. We had a really good time.

Earlier in the day, there was the Christmas party at school. Although, we are no longer allowed to call it a party, and we are only allowed one hour to have it. It was nice and I think the kids enjoyed it. Lil Loveday's teacher let us bring cupcakes (special ordered with little icing) since it was the Christmas party. I think Lil Loveday felt special.

Stay tuned for more December......